Student Council

President:                             Maddy Neufeld

Vice President:                    Peter Missiuna

Secretary:                              Angela Krone

Treasurer:                             Jeremy Metzger

Social Convener:              Mary McPhee

Associate Reps:                  Erik Mohr and Jackson Brown

Co-op: Hannah Hill

First Year Reps: Hanne Kuhnert and Nick Decker

Larger Leadership Team

Athletic Reps:                     Ariana Neceski and Bryce Kuepfer

Environmental Rep:        Jonah Thiessen and Elasha Wilson

Food Rep:                              Kristin Mellema

Grebelspeaks Editors:     Niki Wibisono and Connie Chong

Peace Society:                      Margie McCloskey and Serena Laverty

Special Projects:                 Abi Klassen and Anna Kuepfer

Webmasters:                        Hannah Bernstein and Stuart Matthews

Yearbook: Lexi Plante and Leah Schilstra

FLOW: Elora Neufeld and Sarah Martin

Gents: David Austin and Michael Zhang

QuAQ: Josh Rampersad and Jack Dunne-Mucklow