Student Council Meeting #6

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The mission of Conrad Grebel University College’s Student Council is to nurture a relationship-based community through fostering understanding, encouraging growth, and embracing diversity.

In Attendance

StuCo: Madeleine Neufeld, Peter Missiuna, Hanne Kuhnert, Nick Decker, Jeremy Metzger, Jackson Brown, Erik Mohr, Mary McPhee, Angela Krone, Hannah Hill

LLT: David, Bryce, Leah, Serena, Margie, Connie, Josh, Jack, Kristin, Lexi, Anna, Hannah B, Stuart, Elaina, Abi, Elora, Michael, Ariana, Jonah

Guests: Andrew Dyck, Andrew Cullar, Caleb Lainez

Beginning: 22:00

End: 23:30

LLT Discussion

This is our second last meeting!! :(

Term is flying by, only 4 more community suppers INCLUDING banquet

EOT reports

Announcements & Discussion

  • Everyone needs to go to Skybunk and fill out the SLEF form!

    • Don’t sleep on this opportunity


  • Handbook convos with Maddy and Mary BZ

    • Tell your friends to come and talk about the guidelines :)

  • First year/upper year dinners are coming up, get hyped!

  • QUAQ coffee house next Thurs

    • Encourage sign-ups

Thank you to Athletic Reps for an amazing Winter Olympics!!

  • It was amazing

  • We love you <3

Job descriptions for LLT and exec positions

  • Everyone should write their own so Maddy doesn’t have to

  • You know your position better than anyone else, so you’re the ones to write it

  • Send it to Maddy for next Wednesday

  • Include:

    • Purpose of your role

    • What types of events you run

Exec Discussion

Approve Minutes from last week

  • #approved

Mental health initiative, ‘check in’ request for $20

  • Mental health (Zoe, Piper, Maddy) requesting money for check-ins to get snacks

  • #approved

ProductiviTEA every Sunday

  • Ran from 1:30-4 on Sunday

  • Well attended, well enjoyed!

  • Spend like $30 on tea, etc

  • Requests to run every sunday from people who went - whoo!

Discussion on LLT/others proposing money coming to meetings

  • It might be important to more strongly encourage people to come to meetings to request their own funding

  • With LLT, Maddy vets this information before bringing it to us

  • But it might be fun if we mentioned more about budget during LLT meetings?

    • Show them how much they have in the meeting, group pressure to spend their $$$ ;)

Peace Society, peace and pancakes request for $30

  • Buy pancake things :)

  • #approved

FLOW, International Women’s Day request for $20

  • “Cash moneys for snack moneys” - Maddy

  • #approved

Mental Health LLT position

  • Last fall Maddy came to student council and suggested a mental health LLT position

  • StuCo said “make it a club first”

  • Pros and cons (some people hate it, some people love it)

  • See F17-10-18 Student Council Meeting #5

  • Maddy’s goals for the position:

    • An advocate for events that focus on mental health

    • Absolutely not someone people should go to with mental health problems

  • Mental health advocate vs representative

  • We don’t really talk about everything at LLT meetings, so would this help that much?

  • Mental health isn’t one person’s role, it’s everyone’s role

  • UW is trying right now to change their policies around mental health and putting more focus on improving it

  • What about the idea of a mental health committee with student services

  • People are willing to be point people on it, but nobody steps out

  • Committee or club might be better so that one person doesn’t have that mantle

  • Could we integrate it within an existing committee

  • We should consult Mary BZ to get insight on what Student Services could do

  • Rephrase: “Mental Health Initiative Rep”

  • Gents/Flow/Quaq are clubs, we need to make this more of a club

  • What about the idea of a Wellness Rep on exec?

    • Could be an elected student voice on Health & Safety committee at Grebel

  • @Everyone: Think about it and we’re going to re-dicuss next week :)

Warm-it-up commie sup

  • Warm cozy PJs!!

  • Rename?

    • Jam-it-up?

    • Cozy-up?

  • It’s next week, tell yo friends!

SLEF Funding - Due March 17th -- getting input

  • Peter has been chatting it up with PaulP

  • Going ahead with some of Peter’s original ideas

    • St Pauls is fine with us building a safety railing! Whoo!

      • We just have to show them the quotes before we build

    • Light for v-ball court

      • Would be simple because there’s lights by the path :)

  • These are big ideas, so we’re looking for smaller ones for students!

  • Push-button doors aren’t the best ideas right now, SLEF needs us to spend the money right now

    • We wouldn’t charge as much because they’ll already be here for construction things

Handbook conversations

  • Please encourage people to come and visit!


  • Nick: nice tank tops

  • Peter: PJs

  • Angela: Cardigan

  • Mary: Mugs / Water Bottles

  • Jackson: Ties

  • Maddy: T-shirts

  • Erik: Tank

  • Jeremy: T-shirts

  • Hannah: Tote Bags

  • Hanne: stuc-Touques

Building project fundraising event

  • Silent auction for fundraising!

  • Encourage people to get involved

Upcoming events


  2. Grebel hockey?

    1. Not much to update… Peter has been busy!

    2. Might be the 23rd?

  3. A lot of people are still looking for co-ops, be mindful of your friends who are still searching :)

  4. Karaoke tomorrow night at snack

  5. Timewarp dance next Friday (Mar 15)

  6. Coffee house (Mar 14)

  7. Paintball

    1. Andrew said people gave $10 + Stuco gave $10 ($20 per person)

    2. We will chat more later


  • Approval of the minutes

    • Motioned by Peter

    • Seconded by Mary

    • Approved by EVERYONE

  • Approval of $20 to Mental Health Initiative

    • Motioned by Peter

    • Seconded by Jackson

    • Approved by EVERYONE

  • Approval of $30 to Peace Society

    • Motioned by Erik

    • Seconded by Jeremy

    • Approved by EVERYONE

  • Approval of $20 to FLOW

    • Motioned by Peter

    • Seconded by Mary

    • Approved by EVERYONE

Action Items:

  • Peter to ask Sid Roth about designing for us