Student Council Meeting #4

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The mission of Conrad Grebel University College’s Student Council is to nurture a relationship-based community through fostering understanding, encouraging growth, and embracing diversity.

Reflection for the week: <3 you all!!

In Attendance

StuCo: Madeleine Neufeld, Peter Missiuna, Hanne Kuhnert, Nick Decker, Jeremy Metzger, Jackson Brown, Erik Mohr, Mary McPhee, Angela Krone, Hannah Hill

LLT: David, Bryce, Leah, Serena, Margie, Connie, Josh, Jack, Kristin, Lexi, Anna, Hannah B, Stuart, Mykayla, Abi, Sarah, Elora, Michael, Ariana, Jonah

Guests: Mary BZ

Beginning: 22:00

End: 23:45



LLT: Midterm Updates

  • We appreciate QUAQ, FLOW, and GENTS for putting together commie supper tonight!!

  • FLOW

    • There are bust casts in the stuco closet, you have been warned

  • Food

  • GrebelSpeaks:

    • Encouragement to put things!

    • Recap fun events


    • “Err on the side of more money, but don’t spend it before checking” - Maddy

LLT: Goals

  • SoCo:

    • Survive valoweek

    • At least one event each grebelite can be excited about

  • Flow:

    • Painting breast casts but also a paint night for everyone!

    • Also make slime :)

  • Special projects:

    • Combine service & grebelwear, promote some form of cause and have some proceeds go towards that cause

    • Custom grebel jerseys

  • Webmasters

    • Run some events by the end of the term!

    • Maybe a hackathon!

  • VP

    • Hockey night in Grebel!

  • Ass. Reps

    • Engage more with off-campus associates

  • Peace

    • Peace & Pancakes!

  • FYReps

    • Doggos for exams?

  • Athletics

    • Winter olympics, make them accessible for everyone :)

      • Maple Taffy, snowball fights, also hockey

  • QUAQ

    • Shirt day (like Thrive shirts) so allies can show support (also get faculty & staff involved!)

  • Gents

    • Looking to host at least one event every other week

  • Pres

    • Build a giant swing set

    • Combine constitutions

    • MCC thrift event round 2!

  • Secretary

    • StuCo TL;DR

  • Co-op

    • Everyone #employed

  • Yearbook

    • Someone at every event if we can!

  • Grebelspeaks

    • Musical edition

  • Dons

    • More open doors!!!

  • Environment

    • Encourage people to throw things in the right bins

  • Treasurer

    • Show up to more snack nights so we can give him more receipts!

  • Student Services

    • Get a MEDA rep chosen for next year

    • Hire PeaceTech

    • Recycling stuff in the lounges

LLT: Mental Health

  • Mary BZ, Zoe, and Maddy met to chat about mental health and O-Week!

  • This is a v stressful time of life, and we want to be able to approach it carefully

  • Go to Maddy and chat with her about ideas or thoughts you have on this!

Approve Minutes from last week



  • Dating game

    • Was easy to set up

    • Little scandalous, but it was fine

    • People laughed

  • Card making

    • “Wicked good turn-out”

    • Super easy

    • Noticed speaker is finicky…

      • Action item for Erik to look into it and see if it’s broken

  • Secret Cupid

    • So far, so good!

    • A pretty decent signup so far

  • Valodance

    • All good to go whoo!

    • Show up, be hype

  • Double movie night

    • Both lounge, two different movies


  • They emailed Maddy, want to do their end of term concert March 29

  • BUT this is the weekend of the musical… so we’re saying nope for that day

  • Next Friday (April 5) is also no good, because it’s banquet

  • Discussion of why we do this for free, since there’s not any direct connection

    • But it’s a hype event that doesn’t cost us anything other than the time of being there, so it’s still worth it

  • Action item: Maddy to email them and ask if they are open to changing their weekend

Funding Request (Matt Chase)

  • Karate and self-defence club would like pads and

  • 8-13 students regularly attend (weekly event)

  • $226 for 4 forearm shields from

  • Is there longevity for this?

    • Student initiatives is for this term, so longevity might not matter

    • This could be something that might encourage longevity

  • #approved

    • Will talk to them about thinking how much that this

Peace Society Candy Grams

  • They’re going to be able to donate like $400!!

  • They need to go buy more chocolate but have spent their budget, so are requesting $30 to purchase more supplies

  • #approved

Newspaper - Peter

  • StuCo doesn’t pay for both of them, we only pay for one WR and one Globe & Mail

  • So we can drop all our subs and save $975 a year!!

  • #approved

Constitution (Quick Update)

  • Committee has been meeting and having lively discussion

  • Hannah has been working on proxy voting, we might be able to get onto Feds ONLINE voting system!

    • This would be for everyone (residents, associates, etc etc etc)

    • This would be very similar to recent Feds election

    • Laurier students we can do by hand or

  • Feds is hyped about this because we can also do this as a pilot project, but it would be paid subscription in future (probably $200-300)

  • Referendums could also be done by this online voting system

Spif-it-up commie sup

  • Talked about the fact that the president of UW is coming next week, so we could do something fun like “spif-it-up”!

  • This could be business casual?

  • Is this more accessible if we do lots of things

  • This is not to be confused with mix-it-up


    • Spif-it-up (Feb 27)

    • Mix-it-up (Mar 6)

    • Cozy-up? (Mar ?)

Mocktails - Prize?

  • Narnia won followed closely by rats in a maze!

  • $100 first place + $50 second place?

  • They are using their budget :)

SLEF Funding - Due March 17th

  • Have something for next meeting so that we can discuss what the options are going to be for giving to the community (Angela and Peter)

Reading Week and BEYOND

  • Mary doing little things and theatre things for reading week

  • Blue Mountain trip?

    • Let’s talk about this in future

Milestone events


  • Approval of the minutes

    • Motioned by Hanne

    • Seconded by Peter

    • Approved by ALL!

  • Approval of Matt’s budget request

    • Motioned by Maddy

    • Seconded by Hannah

    • Approved by ALL

  • Approval of Peace Soc budget request

    • Motioned by Peter

    • Seconded by Maddy

    • Approved by ALL

  • Approval of removing the StuCo subscription

    • Motioned by Peter

    • Seconded by Haneriae (Hannah, Hanne, Erik all tied)

    • Approved by ALL

  • Motion to adjourn

    1. Motioned by Maddy

    2. Seconded by Mary

    3. Approved by ALL