Student Council Meeting #3

The mission of Conrad Grebel University College’s Student Council is to nurture a relationship-based community through fostering understanding, encouraging growth, and embracing diversity.

Reflection for the week: Today is Day of Non Violence and Peace in Spain.


  1. Handbook lunches with M&M

  2. Constitution snack nights

  3. Milestone events

  4. Upcoming events/this weekend

  5. Newspaper Subscriptions - Update!

  6. Commie Sup

  7. SLEF

  8. Getting input from students

In Attendance

StuCo: Madeleine Neufeld, Peter Missiuna, Hanne Kuhnert, Nick Decker, Jeremy Metzger, Jackson Brown, Erik Mohr, Mary McPhee, Angela Krone, Hannah Hill

LLT: None

Guests: Mary BZ

Beginning: 22:00

End: 24:05


Approve Minutes from last week


Handbook lunches with M+M

  • M+M = Maddy and Mary BZ

  • Maddy and Mary met this week as they always do and it was lovely and Maddy loved it

  • IDEA WAS THOUGHT OF: Open lunch discussions about the handbook, what they think

  • Peter mentioned it would be helpful for some to not happen at lunches, esp. for people who are on co-op

  • Mary wants it to be an intentional discussion with people who have put thought into it, read the book, had specific ideas

  • People do already come to talk about it, but we want it to be a more open and intentional ask for feedback

Constitution Snack Night discussions

  • Similar to the lunchtime discussion, but at a snack night and about the constitution

  • Different members of the constitution committee would sit at tables and listen to feedback, write it down, and think about it

  • Want it to be a more intimate conversation, probably at the back of the caf

  • Other option: google survey to allow people to provide feedback

    • This way we can prompt more specific feedback

    • Example: 8-month LLT between fall and spring

  • Constitution committee is going to meet in the near future to discuss

Milestone events


Oscars night:

  • SoCo to work with Associate Reps + Angela?

  • Hosted in apartments

  • Red carpet!!

Hockey night:

  • Post reading week

  • Bumpin’ times

Other possible ideas:

  • Rent the pool

  • Do a “four seasons” event (something summer/fall/winter/spring

Spiff it up commie sup

  • The week that Feridun comes!!


Upcoming Events/This weekend

Daybreaker Friday!!

  • 6:30-8:30 in the am

  • SoCo is ready and excited!!!

Associate Potluck

  • Thursday!

  • Also going to be used as a way to get feedback from associates, what their expectations are

Superbowl party!!!!

  • Sunday night

  • Pizza & stuff & FUTBAWL

Subscriptions - update on survey

  • The sheet is MIA :(

  • Only two people had signed it, “a custodian” and Theo

    • They both read both

Mix It Up Commie Sup

  • You enter the room, get a random table, go to that table!

  • PROS: meet new friends, fun times for all

  • CONS: not everyone likes to sit with people they don’t know, it’s confusing, people don’t all walk in at the same time

  • We need to man both doors

  • Idea: do this for the commie supper that LLT is running

    • Discussion will be prompted, it will be an out-of-the-ordinary supper anyway

    • Will this put people too far outside of their comfort zone

    • We don’t want to cut this discussion short

  • We could also do it when the UW president is here?

    • Mary cautioned against this, because it always starts late because of mix-it-up

  • What about next week?

    • Longer to sit at the dinner with people they don’t know?

    • Could be overwhelming for students

  • We could do March 6


    • We will decide HOW to mix-it-up at a later time

    • ACTION item

SLEF Funding - Due March 17th

  • How are we going to get feedback?

  • ACTION to look into this

  • Four sections

    • Safety

      • Lights

  • Examples on stuff that’s already been funded

  • Ideas:

    • Zamboni

    • Lights for volleyball court

    • Ping-pong table

  • ACTION: Peter to look into hockey nets

Getting students input

  • Maddy & Angela created an instagram!!

  • @stuco.tldr

  • Idea is to get more people involved in StuCo discussions / drive them to be more involved



  • Approval of the minutes

    • Motioned by Peter

    • Seconded by Jeremy

    • Approved by UNANIMOUS

  • Motion to adjourn

    • Motioned by Peter

    • Seconded by Hanne

    • Approved by UNANIMOUS

Other notes:


Action Items:

  • Maddy to put “How to mix-it-up” in future

  • Angela and Peter to get a system together in place

  • Peter to follow-up on hockey net leads