Student Council Meeting #2

The mission of Conrad Grebel University College’s Student Council is to nurture a relationship-based community through fostering understanding, encouraging growth, and embracing diversity.

Reflection for the week: How do we support each other?

Meeting Agenda…

  1. Snack Parent Update

  2. Milestone Events

  3. Newspaper Subscriptions

  4. EOT Banquet

  5. Physical Yearbook

  6. Constitution

  7. SLEF Funding

  8. Upcoming Events

In Attendance

StuCo: Madeleine Neufeld, Peter Missiuna, Hanne Kuhnert, Nick Decker, Jeremy Metzger, Jackson Brown, Erik Mohr, Mary McPhee, Angela Krone, Hannah Hill

LLT: None

Guests: Mary BZ

Beginning: 22:00

End: 00:15

Snack Parent Update

  • Mary BZ talked to Cheri and we are not paying for snack parents

  • We DO pay for Sunday, but we are #paying ourselves

  • Let’s talk about why it’s StuCo’s responsibility (since it’s advertised, we can’t stop it, etc.)

  • Maddy to talk to Cheri (action item)

Milestone events

  • Ask LLT to create events, create your own events! :)

  • Update: SOCO is AMAZING!

    • They want an “happening this week” that we could update once a week

    • Birthday board vs social

    • Thinking of different ideas, but ultimate decision is that we’re going to try a bunch of different things (ACTION)

Quaq selection

  • In camera discussion


  • Peter thinks we should get rid of all of them

  • We currently get:

    • 2 waterloo records ($293 for 8 months), a Globe & Mail (maybe 2?)

    • $575 budgeted for subscriptions

  • Hannah noticed that mostly custodians use them, not really students

  • It might not be wise to slash them all now, but we can reduce it

  • Options

    • We cut entirely

    • We cut down to only one paper (or one of each)

    • We leave as-is

  • We should also put StuCo Minutes & GrebelSpeaks

  • Put a piece of paper “If you read the paper sign this list” (ACTION)

  • Research into what cheaper options for national news is (ACTION)

  • Make sure we update next year’s StuCo (ACTION)

EOT Banquet

  • A couple years ago StuCo started doing the whole of banquet, but they didn’t last year

  • Do we want to do it again this year?

  • PROS: Really great way to recap the year, focus on students, etc.

  • CONS: It’s a lot of work, especially the day-of, takes time away from us running events this term

  • We will be doing talent show anyway, that’s a StuCo thing regardless

  • Could be a combination between a committee and us

  • Banquet is a great way for people to get involved

  • Student Services will take it on, but the drawback of a “random” group of people is a bit of a lost opportunity to honor what has happened through the year

  • In general, we’re not inclined to take the whole thing on because of the big commitment and we want to encourage others to get involved

  • StuCo will get 5 minutes, but we will request more time to put in more #memories and outsource to a banquet committee

Physical Yearbook

  • Should we stop paying for a physical yearbook

  • A journey towards a yearbook is an important journey… but it is not one that we can make well this term

  • Having more time will give us more time to have discussions, we have already hired LLT who are working for a physical yearbook

  • We want to bring more people into the conversation

  • There is significant benefit to having a physical book that we don’t appreciate it

  • “If we keep cutting down trees we won’t HAVE a future to look at yearbooks in” - Peter

  • Creating a digital yearbook means that we need to invest in doing it right, takes a lot of research, and we can’t solve it right away

  • It’s not clear that you can opt out of yearbook right now

  • Maddy has been looking into this and the general consensus is very split

  • It’s a touchy-feely subject that is hard to put to a vote

  • We’re at the point in the term where we need to decide, so going with the paper yearbook this year gives us a whole year to recommend it for next year

  • Yearbook editors prefer a physical book, they signed up for that and are excited to be working on it

  • People have paid and are expecting a physical yearbook

  • This should be an april decision for next year

  • There has been a downwards trend in involvement in the yearbook committee

  • Idea of combining GrebelSpeaks with Yearbook, maybe people would contribute to one instead of individual

  • If we say paper copy this year, we should have a bigger discussion after reading week (Feb 27)


    • We’re going to look into digital options (ACTION)


  • Brandon and Maddy are basically DONE THE UPDATED CONSTITUTION WHOOOOO!

  • Problems that will be discuss by the subcommittee…

    • First Year requires “one man and one woman” which need to be discussed

    • Discussion of an OCR rep?

    • Proxy voting from people who are on co-op

SLEF Funding

  • We’re waiting on Mary BZ to update us on when this is due

  • This is usually headed up by the VP (@Peter)

Upcoming Events/This weekend

  • Bingo night tomorrow! (Whoo!)

    • Headed up by SoCo

    • Wear sweaters

    • Eat chips

  • Writing cafe for grebelspeaks!

  • Daybreaker next Thursday morning!!!!!! (GET HYPE)



(StuCo needs to do it too!)


  • Motion to approve Meeting Minutes from Jan 16th 2019.

    • Motion by Maddy

    • Second by Nick

    • All approved

  • Motion to cut down to one each of the two papers

    • Motioned by Maddy

    • Seconded by Hanne

    • All approved

Other notes:

  • “Put that in the minutes” must be in the minutes and abbreviated to PTITM



Action Items:

  • Maddy to talk to Cheri about Sunday night being Kitchen’s responsibility

  • Angela and Mary MP to chat about bulletin boards!

  • Hannah to make a poll to assess newspaper use

  • Peter to look into cheap national news options

  • Maddy to put advice/about the subscriptions in her end-of-term report

  • Peter and Nick to look into digital options