Student Council Meeting #1

Meeting Agenda:

  1. LLT (Welcome, emails/eot/1:1s/advice)

  2. W19 Budget

  3. Milestone Events

  4. Musical

  5. QUAQ

  6. LLT and Snack schedules

  7. Constitution updates!

  8. SLEF funding

  9. This weekend

In Attendance

StuCo: Madeleine Neufeld, Peter Missiuna, Hanne Kuhnert, Nick Decker, Jeremy Metzger, Jackson Brown, Erik Mohr, Mary McPhee, Angela Krone, Hannah Hill

LLT: Stuart, Bryce, Ariana, Kristen Mellema, Lexi Plante, Leah Schilstra, Niki Wibisono, Connie Chong, Isaac Painting, Josh Rampersad, Anna Kuypfer, Abi Klassen, Hannah Burnstein, Serena Laverty, David Austin, Michael Zhang, Margie McCloskey, Sarah Martin, Elora Neufeld

Guests: Mary Brubaker-Zehr, two mysterious sunglassed individuals (Kira and Katrin)

Beginning: 21:30 (StuCo) + 22:00 (LLT)

End: 23:30



  1. Welcome and expectations

    1. Mission statement: The mission of Conrad Grebel University College’s Student Council is to nurture a relationship-based community through fostering understanding, encouraging growth, and embracing diversity.

      1. This gives us something to hold ourselves to and work towards

      2. “Take this mission and run with it!” - Maddy

    2. Some super-fun acronyms

      1. W.O.O.T. - We Operate Outstandingly Together (last term)

      2. T.W.E.E.T.S. - Together We Enable Each-other Towards Success (this term)

    3. We want to have a very event-based term:

      1. GOAL: 1 event every week

      2. These events are things that EVERYONE is invited to!

      3. Milestone events - sign up your fun events on this spreadsheet!

    4. There are SO MANY SUPPLIES in the StuCo closet, you should use them :)

    5. Budgets:

      1. Budget is available for all - talk to Jeremy

      2. NEW THIS TERM: $25 to food rep and webmasters!

  2. Emails + EOT reports

    1. Your google account has a shared google calendar - USE IT!

  3. 1:1s

    1. Use this link to sign-up for a 1:1 with Maddy!

  4. Advice for the role:

    1. This is your role, you are here for a reason

    2. People remember events and remember fun times, so have fun with it

    3. Leadership is something to be aware of, you are in a position of leadership so you need to respect the rules, keep your doors open, follow the guidelines

    4. You represent more than just yourself, you are representing the institution

    5. Be intentional.

    6. You is kind, you is smart, you is important.



  1. W19 Budget

    1. Pre-meeting at 9:30 to approve budget

    2. Frost Week: Maddy only spent $24 + a little more of $400

      1. What to do with this extra moneys?

      2. Proposal to add a $25 budget to Webmaster and Food Rep

        1. Hannah & Angela had positive experience doing this in Spring, encourages these LLT to do more events

    3. Banquet went down because they used less

    4. Athletics increase because more intramural sign-ups!!

      1. Nick offers “shake down services” for any future fee wrangling

    5. Snack

      1. StuCo likes to take Sunday because it’s easy to do and

    6. Student Initiatives vs Clubs

      1. Removed club budget, wrapped it into Student Initiatives

      2. It’s easy to request funding, people used initiative funding with no problems last term

    7. We haven’t officially decided anything on printing vs not printing yearbooks

    8. Suggestion to not purchase newspaper subscriptions

      1. Something to look into for next year

  2. Milestone events

    1. Please do events, spread the word! (Signup link above)

  3. Musical

    1. What does Grebel StuCo have to do with the musical? StuCo funds it.

    2. Musical borrows money from Grebel to rent the theater, get the rights to the show, rent tech, etc etc etc. After tickets are sold, revenue is given back to Grebel.

    3. The musical doesn’t decide where the money gets spent on, but they do get to make suggestions on what it can go towards. (Example: swing set!)

  4. QUAQ position

    1. QUAQ became an LLT position last winter, we opened it up as usual

    2. Last winter we got Keren and Josh for all 8 months, but Josh recently mentioned to Maddy that Keren has decided to step down for the role

    3. We are reopening the second position to the community so anyone can apply for the role

    4. Applications open tomorrow, due Tuesday, we’ll decide next Wednesday

  5. LLT meeting schedule

    1. Jan 16 (today!)

    2. Feb 6

    3. Mar 6

    4. Mar 27

  6. Snack Schedule

    1. StuCo has been doing open kitchen, if we’re still cool to do that it would be cool

    2. Then we can use the money to get StuCo sweaters

  7. Stuco Snack Schedule

    1. $10 for exec

    2. $20 for LLT+exec

  8. Constitution

    1. “The constitution’s a mess. We can do better.”

    2. Suggested improvement: Merge Spring + Fall/Winter constitutions

      1. Carryover of budget

      2. Carryover of experience

      3. Saves many headaches

      4. Brandon and Maddy have been working on it since the summer

    3. We want to put together a small committee of people to discuss what’s left to change

    4. We need quorum in order to pass this, put it up for referendum, etc.

    5. Need to take special care for people who are away on co-op but will be back for Spring

    6. We want it to be open to members of the community to participate in updates

      1. Maybe workshop

      2. Maybe formally submitting suggestions

    7. Committee to be formed of:

      1. Maddy, Peter, Hannah, Jackson, Brandon (student voice and past Spring term president/consultant/puppeteer/in-house-expert)

  9. SLEF Funding

    1. SLEF funding can be used to improve student life

      1. We have used it for tvs, couches, fresh paint, mini morgue, etc etc.

    2. Can be used for…

      1. The improvement of accessibility on campus

      2. The improvement of safety on campus

      3. The improvement of existing lounge and study space

      4. The renovations of student services

    3. Potential idea: Games Lounge Revamp

    4. Other ideas: open it to the student body

    5. For more info:

  10. This weekend

    1. We have the opportunity we ARE running an event this weekend!


      1. We are going to give her $30 to do this

    3. SoCo:

      1. First meeting Sunday @9

      2. Working with Athletics reps to do a super-cute winter skate night


  1. Motion to approve W19 Budget

    1. Motioned by Peter

    2. Seconded by Nick

    3. Approved by unanimous vote

  2. Motion to approve constitution working group

    1. Motioned: Maddy

    2. Seconded: Erik

    3. Approved: unanimous vote

  3. Motion to approve LLT meeting schedule

    1. Motion: Maddy

    2. Seconded: Peter

    3. Approved: unanimous

  4. Motion to approve StuCo doing snack

    1. Motion: Maddy

    2. Seconded: Nick

    3. Approved: unanimous

  5. Motion to approve $30 for Hannah’s weekend event from Student Initiatives

    1. Motion: Peter

    2. Seconded: Erik

    3. Approved: unanimous

Other notes:

  • Peter is running for president of FEDS, so vote for him!

  • Swing set update:

    • Circle-bench-swing at Trillium: StuCo is getting one for here!

    • We have commissioned 4 benches and own them!

    • When the ground is no longer frozen, we will dig holes and plant poles to put the bench swings!

  • “In this house, we don’t say ‘yeet’.”

  • Any of us (as StuCo) can book out the fire pit at any time using this link:

Action Items:

  • Jeremy to look into where money comes from for Snack Parents?

  • Maddy to follow up with webmasters to open up QUAQ LLT position

  • Angela to make a schedule of sign-up for Sunday snack!

  • Angela to make a schedule for meeting snack (star LLT weeks)

  • Maddy and Peter to make a “State of the Unipon” update next Weds.

  • Mary to book a fire for Saturday