Spring 2019 Stuco Meeting #3

Date: May 29, 2019


Andy, Neil, Aaron, Emily, Abby, Rebecca, Mary


StuCo Community Supper Debrief

  • Good stuff, went well

  • “Was dope”, “good work!”, “I wasn’t there but I heard good things”

  • The next StuCo community supper is skybunk info session

Upcoming Events

  • Paint night tomorrow (postponed from last week) - during snack

  • Campfire on Friday - May 31 at 9pm

  • DeepFridays: using the deep fryer - Approved budget of $30

  • Mocktails is coming up, maybe June 13th or 20th, starting at 9 on a Thursday, winners to be announced at snack that night

  • Monthly associate potlucks

  • Apartment socials are doing relatively well and will continue

  • Grebel Bingo to come out sometime soon

Possible Future Events

  • We should be more intentional in hall wandering and encouraging people to come to events

  • Associate ice cream competition: Associates make ice cream and then get judged - to be considered again at a later time

  • Renting the PAC pool or an outdoor pool for the community someday

Event calendar set up, access have been given to StuCo/LLT members

  • Mary to talk to webmasters about putting events on the GrebeLife calendar

Environment Rep Selection

  • Hannah and Cassidy both selected!

Budget Increase - Garden Rep

  • Adam went over budget with just purchasing seeds, and has heard there is interest in other plants as well

  • Approved to raise his budget by $20

LLT Check-Ins

  • Next LLT meeting at the end of june, it would be good if most positions have done an event by then.

  • Each StuCo to check in on a position or two

  • Neil to check in on food rep and garden rep

  • Abby to check in on athletic rep

  • Rebecca to check in on peace reps

  • Aaron to check in on special projects

  • Emily to check in with grebel speaks rep

  • Mary to check in with environment reps

  • Andy to check in with webmasters

StuCo Funding Proposals

  • Stephen/Matt asking for a communal propane tank/BBQ access for the apartments - this should be run by Paul first, but could fall under spring term budget. (Aaron to talk to Paul)

  • Chromecast to be put on hold until a later time, not for this term at this point

  • Firewood to be given to Will for his Eng campfire event tomorrow

  • Getting an AC system or a fan for the gym to help with cooling it down - Neil to look into this

Exec. Wear

  • Sid is designing a logo to be created in a patch to iron on the bucket hats

  • We’ll decide on colours later

Spring Reunion

  • There is a bus booked, but if we can get more people with cars to come we might be able to cancel the bus

  • There is 81 people signed up