Spring 2019 Stuco Meeting #2

Date: May 22, 2019


Andy, Emily, Mary, Rebecca, Neil, Abby

Joseph, Stephen, Jeremy, Sid, Amani, Adam, Caleb D, Mary BZ, Erik, Jazmin, Noah, Matt


Following with LLT: Most of which is covered in May 15 notes (any additional notes to follow this week)


Booking rooms, equipment, food

Calendar Use

  • Everyone to FB message Mary email addresses to give editing access to the calendar


  • Budget info was sent out by Abby to LLT on May 21

  • The budget is an initial budget - there is extra funding available for big events

StuCo Community Supper

  • LLT if interested can volunteer to help for StuCo commy sups

  • Potential idea for a mental health commy supper - piper to approach StuCo

Expectations for the Term

  • Each LLT should plan at least 2 events per/term

  • Use the budget for these events

  • If there is something outside of the budget, LLT can come to StuCo and request more funding

  • Make an effort to participate in events and come out throughout the term and help get momentum going

Event ideas:

  • Grebel Bingo (Noah and Emily)

  • Grebel Soccer (Matt)

    • not first year and upper years, need to find a way to divide

    • Split up roommate pairs?

  • Having orange slices after Grebel intramural games?

  • Funding for tuesday morning fires

  • Dinner with the president raffle - all the money goes towards the meal

Next meetings with LLT to be June 26 and July 24

Don updates

  • They did team bonding!

  • New student: Julien - make sure to make him feel welcome

  • Things are going well with community and keeping doors open so far

  • Not a lot of movement between 3rd and 4th floors

  • There is a lack of traffic by the campus host apartment, stop by and say hi!

Following without LLT:

Upcoming events - SoCo

  • Paint a wall May 23

  • Associate potluck May 23

  • Roommate challenge May 27

  • Campfire May 31

Snack Parents

  • Still looking for snack parent to help with Saturday nights

  • We’re going to try to find a snack parent for every Saturday night, Noah can only do sometimes

  • StuCo to take over Sunday nights

Environment Rep

  • Reed is no longer here, we need a new environment rep

  • Going to open up applications again, make commy sup/skybunk announcements

  • Due next Wednesday

  • We may wave creative component if not enough applications

StuCo Funding Proposals

  • Compost and Hatchet ideas are a go - move the little black composter to the gardens

  • Up to $45 approved for a hatchet

  • New crank for volleyball net: $50 approved

  • Chromecast for lounges (Max) - going to follow up to get more detail

  • A hockey helmet for goalies to use during intramurals - going to wait until Fall/Winter for this

  • Funding for hang board to help Grebel students who are into climbing practice at the Grebel gym (about $100) - Neil going to talk to Winter StuCo about this

Booking Requests

  • Volleyball court re last week: the grad group hasn’t reached out again, we inquired about future dates. If they do reach out, we’ll say yes, if they’re okay with Grebel people joining in, depending on the date requested

  • Will requested to use the campfire pit for engineering society on May 31, StuCo already has a campfire event planned that night, so no to this for that day.

    • Andy to request more details before we decide on allowing this for another day

  • June 1: grebel reunion: wants to use the volleyball court 3:30 - we’re saying yes to this

  • June 15: Waterloo choir wants to use the firepit - we’re saying yes to this

  • General rule: we’ll generally say yes to groups that have a tie to Grebel, no to events on weekends, and the rest we’ll work through on a case-by-case basis

First Community Supper - Rebecca/Emily/Abby

  • Rebecca to make a Google survey to send out to students and faculty

  • To have a print out for each table with blank lines for each question to write down the person’s name

Reunion - Mary

  • Make sure to sign up

  • This is all done with external money, not StuCo money

  • Payment information should be ready by the end of the week

  • OWL planning day on the Sunday

  • 61 people have signed up so far

Exec. Wear

  • Bucket hats are a yes, but bucket hats are super expensive ($300 for 12 embroidered)

  • We could buy bucket hats and get patches separately

  • Mary has talked to people about design options