Spring 2019 Stuco Meeting #1

Date: May 15, 2019


Andy, Neil, Aaron, Emily, Abby L, Mary M, Rebecca, Mary BZ



Ground rules for meetings

  • Stay on topic & focus

  • Starting time is typically 10, but may be switched to earlier on certain Wednesdays if all are in agreement

  • Be prepared in advance and look at the agenda before meetings

  • Be here right at the starting time

  • Be present and engaged throughout meetings

  • Aim to be done by midnight!

Big Ideas/Goals for the Term

  • Move the compost from the apartments to the garden

  • Focus on inter-college relationships: volleyball games or fires

    • Need to figure out how to contact students in leadership in the other colleges to promote events - Mary BZ to get in touch with her contacts in the other colleges to find out who we should talk to about starting an event.

    • Could be hard to have uptake, since there is few students in other colleges & many are first years

- Getting to know more of Waterloo

- Jazmin to potentially take this on

- Photo scavenger hunts or mennorun to potentially happen as a way to do this

There seems to be a good mix of people between those living in residence

  • Things seem to be going well

  • First years seem to be feeling included

Booking Rooms, Equipment, and Food

Booking rooms/equipment

  • Through Sarah MacKeil in the main office

  • Book the by the thursday the week before

  • 72 hours advance notice for the fire pit

Getting food from the kitchen for events

  • Let the kitchen know 2 weeks in advance

  • Let them know for pitchers and mugs in advance when possible too

Calendar Use

  • SoCo to set up a google calendar for us all to use

  • Put any events on the calendar

  • Share the calendar link on skybunk so everyone has access

StuCo Office

  • Secretary in charge of keeping the office clean

  • Emily and Rebecca to take a look at the office and inventory

  • Keep the office organized!!

Budget (Abby)

  • Shared in the drive

  • We can use excess funds from previous terms for projects that are beneficial beyond spring term, but not small-term things

  • Winter StuCo usually gives $1000 to spring term StuCo, but this wasn’t discussed by them this year

  • StuCo used to be subscribed to newspapers that were in the lounges/res foyer/CPA, this has been cut for this term.

  • Student life awards, food, social, grebelspeaks, and webmaster budget has been increased

  • StuCo responsible for paying for one snack night - budget $130

  • There is just under $1250 in excess that can be applied for if certain events need extra funding

  • Perhaps we could consider purchasing new portable speakers & gym speakers

Debrief Heat Week

  • Campfire was good; need something to chop wood with - Aaron to talk to Paul about this maybe

  • It was good to have LLT involved

  • Trivia was really good and hype; do another event like this later on

  • Tuesday night movie had a low turnout; Using the lounge or chapel or commy ed room for movie events is a better idea for the future

  • Wednesday board games was fairly low turnout

  • Thursday was raptors game & spikeball in the chapel; fairly low turnout

  • Coffee house was really good; Jazmin and Aaron were HYPE MC’s; acts were good!!

  • Volleyball game on Saturday went well & there was a decent turn out!

  • Hallrunning and skybunk posts are good for getting people out to events; physical posters are also helpful, maybe on the back of bathroom doors

  • Be more prepared and notify people about events more and hype up events

  • We should try to go to events, even for only 30 minutes, to get the ball rolling

StuCo Community Supper

  • We are in charge of 3 commy suppers

  • Dates: May 29, June 19, July 17

  • Try to not use too much energy for May 29; related to coping strategy

  • One is typically a more fun night

  • May 29: Trivia night (Rebecca and Emily and Abby to host)

    • Option to have trivia about fun facts about Grebelites

  • June 19: Skybunk information session (Mary to host)

  • July 17: TBD

StuCo Funding Proposal - New Crank for the Volleyball Net

  • The current volleyball crank is terrible; we would like to replace it

  • Peter Missuna & Jon Smith to do more research and talk to us about pricing

Volleyball Request (Mary)

  • Do we want to allow on-campus clubs to use the volleyball court?

  • A graduate student group has requested to rent/use the court

  • With construction and conference guests, it might be good to limit the use of the volleyball court by outside clubs to ensure that students have a space to go

  • We don’t want to charge groups asking to use the courts

  • Groups using the court is alright if groups request permission each time and Grebel students are still allowed to use the courts and join the game if they wish

  • Mary BZ to contact graduate club and arrange a date.

Coping Committee (Abby)

  • They are going to be cutting through the wall

  • Paul will be given 48 hours notice to this, as it going to be VERY LOUD

  • They won’t start this before 9am

  • Might be good to plan off-campus events for this time

  • For one day (May 29) - there will be no AC and about a half hour at the start of the day (8:30-9 maybe) without power, and this will happen again later on

  • June 5th is when we lose the Caf

  • June 10th is when we lose the second half of the patio; we’ve already lost half at this point

  • We can paint the temporary wall in the caf right now!! Fun event!!

  • There will be signs put up, pay attention to these & encourage others to do so as well

Exec. Wear

  • Mary to contact people who have done this before & research feasibility to get things printed

  • Bucket hat - we want these for sure

  • Come with other ideas for wear too

LLT Meetings

  • To meet with us next week

  • Budgets are in the google doc

  • LLT stay only for topics that are relevant to them

  • LLT expected to run 1-2 events

  • Neil to check in with food rep

  • SoCo to check in with special projects

Snacks for Future Meetings

  • To make a calendar - put your name next to the date in the calendar

  • Budget of $140 for meeting snacks

  • $10 per meeting, LLT have $20

  • Neil to cover snacks for next week

We have one spring term debit card; Abby to hold this

  • Can get the debit card off Abby to make reimbursements easier