Spring 2019 Stuco Meeting #3

Date: May 29, 2019


Andy, Neil, Aaron, Emily, Abby, Rebecca, Mary


StuCo Community Supper Debrief

  • Good stuff, went well

  • “Was dope”, “good work!”, “I wasn’t there but I heard good things”

  • The next StuCo community supper is skybunk info session

Upcoming Events

  • Paint night tomorrow (postponed from last week) - during snack

  • Campfire on Friday - May 31 at 9pm

  • DeepFridays: using the deep fryer - Approved budget of $30

  • Mocktails is coming up, maybe June 13th or 20th, starting at 9 on a Thursday, winners to be announced at snack that night

  • Monthly associate potlucks

  • Apartment socials are doing relatively well and will continue

  • Grebel Bingo to come out sometime soon

Possible Future Events

  • We should be more intentional in hall wandering and encouraging people to come to events

  • Associate ice cream competition: Associates make ice cream and then get judged - to be considered again at a later time

  • Renting the PAC pool or an outdoor pool for the community someday

Event calendar set up, access have been given to StuCo/LLT members

  • Mary to talk to webmasters about putting events on the GrebeLife calendar

Environment Rep Selection

  • Hannah and Cassidy both selected!

Budget Increase - Garden Rep

  • Adam went over budget with just purchasing seeds, and has heard there is interest in other plants as well

  • Approved to raise his budget by $20

LLT Check-Ins

  • Next LLT meeting at the end of june, it would be good if most positions have done an event by then.

  • Each StuCo to check in on a position or two

  • Neil to check in on food rep and garden rep

  • Abby to check in on athletic rep

  • Rebecca to check in on peace reps

  • Aaron to check in on special projects

  • Emily to check in with grebel speaks rep

  • Mary to check in with environment reps

  • Andy to check in with webmasters

StuCo Funding Proposals

  • Stephen/Matt asking for a communal propane tank/BBQ access for the apartments - this should be run by Paul first, but could fall under spring term budget. (Aaron to talk to Paul)

  • Chromecast to be put on hold until a later time, not for this term at this point

  • Firewood to be given to Will for his Eng campfire event tomorrow

  • Getting an AC system or a fan for the gym to help with cooling it down - Neil to look into this

Exec. Wear

  • Sid is designing a logo to be created in a patch to iron on the bucket hats

  • We’ll decide on colours later

Spring Reunion

  • There is a bus booked, but if we can get more people with cars to come we might be able to cancel the bus

  • There is 81 people signed up


Spring 2019 Stuco Meeting #2

Date: May 22, 2019


Andy, Emily, Mary, Rebecca, Neil, Abby

Joseph, Stephen, Jeremy, Sid, Amani, Adam, Caleb D, Mary BZ, Erik, Jazmin, Noah, Matt


Following with LLT: Most of which is covered in May 15 notes (any additional notes to follow this week)


Booking rooms, equipment, food

Calendar Use

  • Everyone to FB message Mary email addresses to give editing access to the calendar


  • Budget info was sent out by Abby to LLT on May 21

  • The budget is an initial budget - there is extra funding available for big events

StuCo Community Supper

  • LLT if interested can volunteer to help for StuCo commy sups

  • Potential idea for a mental health commy supper - piper to approach StuCo

Expectations for the Term

  • Each LLT should plan at least 2 events per/term

  • Use the budget for these events

  • If there is something outside of the budget, LLT can come to StuCo and request more funding

  • Make an effort to participate in events and come out throughout the term and help get momentum going

Event ideas:

  • Grebel Bingo (Noah and Emily)

  • Grebel Soccer (Matt)

    • not first year and upper years, need to find a way to divide

    • Split up roommate pairs?

  • Having orange slices after Grebel intramural games?

  • Funding for tuesday morning fires

  • Dinner with the president raffle - all the money goes towards the meal

Next meetings with LLT to be June 26 and July 24

Don updates

  • They did team bonding!

  • New student: Julien - make sure to make him feel welcome

  • Things are going well with community and keeping doors open so far

  • Not a lot of movement between 3rd and 4th floors

  • There is a lack of traffic by the campus host apartment, stop by and say hi!

Following without LLT:

Upcoming events - SoCo

  • Paint a wall May 23

  • Associate potluck May 23

  • Roommate challenge May 27

  • Campfire May 31

Snack Parents

  • Still looking for snack parent to help with Saturday nights

  • We’re going to try to find a snack parent for every Saturday night, Noah can only do sometimes

  • StuCo to take over Sunday nights

Environment Rep

  • Reed is no longer here, we need a new environment rep

  • Going to open up applications again, make commy sup/skybunk announcements

  • Due next Wednesday

  • We may wave creative component if not enough applications

StuCo Funding Proposals

  • Compost and Hatchet ideas are a go - move the little black composter to the gardens

  • Up to $45 approved for a hatchet

  • New crank for volleyball net: $50 approved

  • Chromecast for lounges (Max) - going to follow up to get more detail

  • A hockey helmet for goalies to use during intramurals - going to wait until Fall/Winter for this

  • Funding for hang board to help Grebel students who are into climbing practice at the Grebel gym (about $100) - Neil going to talk to Winter StuCo about this

Booking Requests

  • Volleyball court re last week: the grad group hasn’t reached out again, we inquired about future dates. If they do reach out, we’ll say yes, if they’re okay with Grebel people joining in, depending on the date requested

  • Will requested to use the campfire pit for engineering society on May 31, StuCo already has a campfire event planned that night, so no to this for that day.

    • Andy to request more details before we decide on allowing this for another day

  • June 1: grebel reunion: wants to use the volleyball court 3:30 - we’re saying yes to this

  • June 15: Waterloo choir wants to use the firepit - we’re saying yes to this

  • General rule: we’ll generally say yes to groups that have a tie to Grebel, no to events on weekends, and the rest we’ll work through on a case-by-case basis

First Community Supper - Rebecca/Emily/Abby

  • Rebecca to make a Google survey to send out to students and faculty

  • To have a print out for each table with blank lines for each question to write down the person’s name

Reunion - Mary

  • Make sure to sign up

  • This is all done with external money, not StuCo money

  • Payment information should be ready by the end of the week

  • OWL planning day on the Sunday

  • 61 people have signed up so far

Exec. Wear

  • Bucket hats are a yes, but bucket hats are super expensive ($300 for 12 embroidered)

  • We could buy bucket hats and get patches separately

  • Mary has talked to people about design options


Spring 2019 Stuco Meeting #1

Date: May 15, 2019


Andy, Neil, Aaron, Emily, Abby L, Mary M, Rebecca, Mary BZ



Ground rules for meetings

  • Stay on topic & focus

  • Starting time is typically 10, but may be switched to earlier on certain Wednesdays if all are in agreement

  • Be prepared in advance and look at the agenda before meetings

  • Be here right at the starting time

  • Be present and engaged throughout meetings

  • Aim to be done by midnight!

Big Ideas/Goals for the Term

  • Move the compost from the apartments to the garden

  • Focus on inter-college relationships: volleyball games or fires

    • Need to figure out how to contact students in leadership in the other colleges to promote events - Mary BZ to get in touch with her contacts in the other colleges to find out who we should talk to about starting an event.

    • Could be hard to have uptake, since there is few students in other colleges & many are first years

- Getting to know more of Waterloo

- Jazmin to potentially take this on

- Photo scavenger hunts or mennorun to potentially happen as a way to do this

There seems to be a good mix of people between those living in residence

  • Things seem to be going well

  • First years seem to be feeling included

Booking Rooms, Equipment, and Food

Booking rooms/equipment

  • Through Sarah MacKeil in the main office

  • Book the by the thursday the week before

  • 72 hours advance notice for the fire pit

Getting food from the kitchen for events

  • Let the kitchen know 2 weeks in advance

  • Let them know for pitchers and mugs in advance when possible too

Calendar Use

  • SoCo to set up a google calendar for us all to use

  • Put any events on the calendar

  • Share the calendar link on skybunk so everyone has access

StuCo Office

  • Secretary in charge of keeping the office clean

  • Emily and Rebecca to take a look at the office and inventory

  • Keep the office organized!!

Budget (Abby)

  • Shared in the drive

  • We can use excess funds from previous terms for projects that are beneficial beyond spring term, but not small-term things

  • Winter StuCo usually gives $1000 to spring term StuCo, but this wasn’t discussed by them this year

  • StuCo used to be subscribed to newspapers that were in the lounges/res foyer/CPA, this has been cut for this term.

  • Student life awards, food, social, grebelspeaks, and webmaster budget has been increased

  • StuCo responsible for paying for one snack night - budget $130

  • There is just under $1250 in excess that can be applied for if certain events need extra funding

  • Perhaps we could consider purchasing new portable speakers & gym speakers

Debrief Heat Week

  • Campfire was good; need something to chop wood with - Aaron to talk to Paul about this maybe

  • It was good to have LLT involved

  • Trivia was really good and hype; do another event like this later on

  • Tuesday night movie had a low turnout; Using the lounge or chapel or commy ed room for movie events is a better idea for the future

  • Wednesday board games was fairly low turnout

  • Thursday was raptors game & spikeball in the chapel; fairly low turnout

  • Coffee house was really good; Jazmin and Aaron were HYPE MC’s; acts were good!!

  • Volleyball game on Saturday went well & there was a decent turn out!

  • Hallrunning and skybunk posts are good for getting people out to events; physical posters are also helpful, maybe on the back of bathroom doors

  • Be more prepared and notify people about events more and hype up events

  • We should try to go to events, even for only 30 minutes, to get the ball rolling

StuCo Community Supper

  • We are in charge of 3 commy suppers

  • Dates: May 29, June 19, July 17

  • Try to not use too much energy for May 29; related to coping strategy

  • One is typically a more fun night

  • May 29: Trivia night (Rebecca and Emily and Abby to host)

    • Option to have trivia about fun facts about Grebelites

  • June 19: Skybunk information session (Mary to host)

  • July 17: TBD

StuCo Funding Proposal - New Crank for the Volleyball Net

  • The current volleyball crank is terrible; we would like to replace it

  • Peter Missuna & Jon Smith to do more research and talk to us about pricing

Volleyball Request (Mary)

  • Do we want to allow on-campus clubs to use the volleyball court?

  • A graduate student group has requested to rent/use the court

  • With construction and conference guests, it might be good to limit the use of the volleyball court by outside clubs to ensure that students have a space to go

  • We don’t want to charge groups asking to use the courts

  • Groups using the court is alright if groups request permission each time and Grebel students are still allowed to use the courts and join the game if they wish

  • Mary BZ to contact graduate club and arrange a date.

Coping Committee (Abby)

  • They are going to be cutting through the wall

  • Paul will be given 48 hours notice to this, as it going to be VERY LOUD

  • They won’t start this before 9am

  • Might be good to plan off-campus events for this time

  • For one day (May 29) - there will be no AC and about a half hour at the start of the day (8:30-9 maybe) without power, and this will happen again later on

  • June 5th is when we lose the Caf

  • June 10th is when we lose the second half of the patio; we’ve already lost half at this point

  • We can paint the temporary wall in the caf right now!! Fun event!!

  • There will be signs put up, pay attention to these & encourage others to do so as well

Exec. Wear

  • Mary to contact people who have done this before & research feasibility to get things printed

  • Bucket hat - we want these for sure

  • Come with other ideas for wear too

LLT Meetings

  • To meet with us next week

  • Budgets are in the google doc

  • LLT stay only for topics that are relevant to them

  • LLT expected to run 1-2 events

  • Neil to check in with food rep

  • SoCo to check in with special projects

Snacks for Future Meetings

  • To make a calendar - put your name next to the date in the calendar

  • Budget of $140 for meeting snacks

  • $10 per meeting, LLT have $20

  • Neil to cover snacks for next week

We have one spring term debit card; Abby to hold this

  • Can get the debit card off Abby to make reimbursements easier

Student Council Meeting #6

  • LLT Discussion

    • EOT Reports

    • Announcements & Discussion

    • Thank you for an amazing Olympics!

    • Job descriptions

  • Funding Requests

    • Mental health initiative ‘check in’

    • Peace Society (Peace & Pancakes)

    • FLOW (IWD)

  • ProductiviTEA update

  • Discussion on funding request information

  • Mental Health as an LLT Position

  • Warm-it-up commie sup

  • SLEF FUnding

  • Handbook convos

  • StuCo Wear

  • Building project fundraising

  • Upcoming events

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