Meet the OWLs!

Contrary to popular belief, Grebel OWLs are not nocturnal birds of prey with talons, feathers, and binocular vision - this acronym actually stands for Orientation Week Leaders! Each year, 20 Grebel students serve as OWLs during Orientation Week in September. In this position, they are responsible for making first-year students feel welcome at Grebel and excited about university life! You may find them leading an activity, setting up or tearing down an event, participating in a game, or chatting with first-year students to get to know them better. This year’s OWLs will be wearing violet T-shirts all week long, so you won’t have any trouble spotting them. They have been working hard over the past few months to make O-Week the best it can possibly be, and they are incredibly excited to meet all of our incoming Grebelites! If you have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to ask one of the OWLs - they will be happy to help you out!


Arianna Neceski

Faculty: Arts

Program: Arts and Business, Fine Arts

Civil Little guy.png

Ben Busca

Faculty: Engineering

Program: Civil Engineering


Bryce Keupfer

Faculty: AHS

Program: Recreation and Sport Business

Snake Head lady.png

Catherine Fowler

Faculty: Engineering

Program: Mechatronics Engineering

Emily Cross.png

Emilie Chase

Faculty: Arts

Program: Arts and Business, Psychology


Hannah Bernstein

Faculty: Engineering

Program: Nanotechnology


Hanne Huhnert

Faculty: Arts

Program: Arts and Business


Jenna Hiemstra

Faculty: Applied Health Sciences

Program: Health Studies


Jillian VanderVelde

Faculty: Science

Program: Science and Business

Long blonde haired one.png

Katrina Fluit

Faculty: Environment

Program: Planning


Leah Veldhuis

Faculty: Engineering

Program: Biomedical


Michael Zhang

Faculty: Engineering

Program: Mechanical


Miriam Lindsay

Faculty: Arts

Program: Social Development Studies


Owen Matsuda

Faculty: Math

Program: Computer Science & Business

Noahs old lady.png

Rebecca Shelley

Faculty: Environment

Program: Environment Resources and Sustainability

Apartment lady.jpg

Rebekah Lindsay

Faculty: AHS

Program: Kinesiology


Simon Chute

Faculty: Environment

Program: Environment, Resources and Sustainability and Biology


Sneha Praveen

Faculty: Environment

Program: Environment, Resources and Sustainability

Noah OWL Poster.jpg

Stuart Matthews

Faculty: Environment

Program: Environmental Science

Victoria Lumeaux.png

Victoria Lumax

Faculty: Arts

Program: Peace and Conflict Studies and English