Meet the GOC!

Who are the GOC? Who are the GOC? The Grebel Orientation Committee consists of three upper-year Grebel students who are responsible for behind-the-scenes O-Week preparations. Their work began in January with choosing OWLs and continues all the way into September, as they book events, make schedules, purchase supplies, and ensure that O-Week runs as smoothly as possible! You will spot the GOC milling about Grebel in tye-dye shirts and HUGE smiles all week long! Their role may be overseeing events, rather than leading on the front lines as the OWLs do, but they are still super friendly and pumped to get to know you. Feel free to approach the GOC with any questions you might have, or simply introduce yourself and start up a conversation - they look forward to meeting you!


Sarah Odinotski

Faculty: Engineering

Program: Nanotechnology


Isaac Veldhuis

Faculty: Engineering

Program: Systems Design Engineering


Margie McCloskey

Faculty: Arts

Program: Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science