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Artificial Intelligence: Where are we Headed?

WHEN? June 6, 8pm
WHERE? Grebel caf.

tl;dr. Come to the Caf at 8pm, June 6th to watch and talk about AI.

In 2016, Google's Go-playing computer "AlphaGo" beat the world champion of the game. It was a landmark accomplishment for artificial intelligence to win a game that had more possible game states than there are atoms in the known universe. 

On June 6th we'll be screening the AlphaGo documentary in the Grebel Cafeteria and afterwards we'll host discussions about the future of Artificial Intelligence, particularly focusing on three questions:

1. How do humans relate to computers that are smarter than them?

2. How does our faith and philosophy change with the advent of thinking machines?

3. What can we do in the next ten years to ensure better and safer development of artificial intelligence?

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