Encouragement at Grebel


Grebel’s focus on living in community is special!

University holds nothing back as midterms roll in, assignments pile up and exams loom ever closer. But, we say… you don’t have to do this alone. Living in community at Grebel challenges the societal culture of individualism and personal success. Living in community means investing in each other and having each other’s backs. One really good way we live into this is through active encouragement.

Two years ago, Grebel students formed a student-led ‘Mental Health Initiative’ and launched ‘Encouragement Day’. On this day, we put paper and pens all over the College and encouraged Grebelites to put their support into words. Students, staff and faculty wrote notes of encouragement to each other. The Grebel community filled to overflowing with handwritten notes of encouragement and positivity. Encouragement is integral to success at university but also in life - a good habit for us all to learn!

This year, we, the students of the Mental Health Initiative, invite you, family and friends of Grebel residents and associates, to be part of the encouragement team! It doesn’t matter if you don’t live close, you can participate by leaving an encouraging note for any or all in the comments section of this page. When students check in here, they will be reminded of the love and support from beyond these walls, especially through mid-term and final exams! We welcome your positivity, encouragement and love in the form of these comments. You are welcome to leave a comment now, when you get home, or at any point in the term. We could all use a little help from our friends and family!


-          Grebel’s Student Mental Health Initiative

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