Meet the 2017 Grebel Orientation Team!

Commonly known as "OWLs" and "GOC", these people have worked tirelessly to bring you the BEST orientation week they possibly can. To help introduce you, we've created an online game of Two Truths and A Lie. Who knows, maybe you'll find a future kindred spirit or learn something new about an old friend. :)

We can't wait to see you all in the fall!!!



Also known as "The A-Team", these three people make up your 2017 Grebel Orientation Committee. They are responsible for making sure everything goes as planned and helped select this year's OWL team. They've had a blast working with the OWLs and can't wait for you all to experience orientation week! 

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The OWLs

The 26 people who make up this year's Orientation Week Leader (aka OWL) team are guaranteed to make you feel welcome and at home with their care and enthusiasm. They represent all faculties on campus and a large variety of the programs offered here at UW. Most live in residence, but a couple are associates who we're sure you will see around Grebel all the time. All of them know how it feels to be a first-time Grebelite, so whether you're new or returning they'll be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

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