The Grebel Intercom is a system for Grebel students to immediately send announcements to each other. It is a system that uses Twitter via text messages, with normal text messaging rates applied. Below are some instructions on how to get started with the Grebel Intercom

How to Subscribe to Grebel Intercom

1. Start a new text message to "21212"

2. Send the word "start"

3a. If you have a Twitter account, then send in "yes". If do not have a Twitter account, then proceed to step 4a

3b. Send in your username like this "@username"

3c. Send in your password. It is case-sensitive. Proceed to Step 6

4a. Then send in your first and last name

4b. Send "set username" followed by the name you want other Grebelites to see when you announce something. Note: We encourage people to include their room number in their username, in case someone needs to find you (e.g. to get pizza).

5. Finally, send "follow @grebelife"

How To Send an Announcement

Simply go back to this thread or send a new message to 21212 starting with "@grebelife" followed by your short announcement.

Note: All announcements go through the Grebelife Team before they are sent to everybody. They are checked for relevance, urgence and importance.

How to Turn Off Notifications

Simply send "OFF" to 21212.
(Send "ON" to 21212 to turn notifications back on.)