Need help in one of your courses? These upper-years are volunteering their time to help you get ahead in school!

Just search for the course you want tutoring in to find an upper year who is tutoring that course, then contact them to find out when they are available. There are also upper-years who have volunteered to tutor skills that can be useful to more than just one course. Look for these below the course-specific tutoring table.

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Course Code Tutor Email
AFM *** Alex Gee
BIOL 273 Rachel Trites
BIOL 301 Rachel Trites
BIOL 302 Rachel Trites
BIOL 373 Rachel Trites
BIOL 473 Rachel Trites
KIN 100 Daniel Schuurman
KIN 100 Rachel Trites
MUSIC 240 Jacob deGroot-Maggetti
MUSIC 255 Jacob deGroot-Maggetti
MUSIC 270 Jacob deGroot-Maggetti
MUSIC 271 Jacob deGroot-Maggetti
MUSIC 371 Jacob deGroot-Maggetti
PACS 202 Becki Persoon
PACS 329 Becki Persoon
PACS 323 Becki Persoon
PHYS 11* Jared Baribeau
PHYS 2** Jared Baribeau
SYDE *** Jared Baribeau
Skill Tutor Email
Atmospheric Science Clay Appell
Combinatorics & Optimization James Loewen
Computer Science James Loewen
English Clay Appell
Geography Clay Appell
Math James Loewen
Music Jacob deGroot-Maggetti
Religious Studies James Loewen
Resume Writing James Loewen