Grebel Orientation Committee


A Grebel Orientation Committee (GOC) member’s job is to work with the team to create, organize, and oversee orientation week at Grebel University College in such a way that reflects the mission of the College. Orientation week at Grebel is for all students – residents, associates and OCRs. GOC members will mindful of the University of Waterloo Orientation Committee plans/schedule in order to create a Grebel schedule that involves both Grebel events and broader campus events.

The GOC team of 3-4 students will hire Grebel Orientation Week Leaders (OWLs) to help them design and lead the week. There are typically 20-24 OWLs selected for Orientation week, although that number can vary.


The time commitment is approximately 200 hours beginning in November/December and ending mid-September. During winter term, GOC members will run weekly meetings with the OWLs. During spring term, GOC members will gather supplies, and plan and host the OWL retreat.

It is important for GOC members to keep in mind that Orientation Week at Grebel is for the whole community.  While there will be some separate events for first year students and separate events for upper year students, most events will be designed in such a way that promotes the integration of the community.

GOC members report to the Director of Student Services and will be involved in frequent meetings with her.


 A GOC member should be a person who identifies with the College and its mission, and who wants to be centrally involved in its life. He/she should be a person who is an excellent role model for the community and adheres to guidelines for community living as laid out in the student Handbook. GOC leaders need to be creative, organized and enthusiastic. A GOC leader needs to be someone who is not afraid to give direction and is willing to donate time and energy to making orientation week a success. GOC members need to hold a formal relationship with the College either as a resident or associate.



November 2015

 Any Grebel resident, associate or OCR can apply to be a GOC member. This includes students who will be on work term in the Fall; please be aware the commitment is until the end of orientation week and one must be able to participate in the entirety of the week.  

If interested in this position, please submit a one page letter explaining:

·        why you want to be a GOC

·        two strengths you bring to the position

·        one challenge for you in the position

 Letters of application should be submitted to the Director of Student Services by Friday, November 13 2015 at 12 noon. Selections will be made by a committee of former GOC members, Student Council President and the Director of Student Services.

 We look forward to receiving your application.